You can’t compel someone to love you, can you? And even if you could…well that’s not actually love, truly, is it? You don’t get to choose who you love. As well you don’t get to choose whose league you’re in, nor can you ensure that your love will not be unrequited.

You can, however, focus on things that are in your control, namely your attitude and disposition and whether or not you make a commitment towards being the best version of you, out of love and respect for yourself – for it’s own sake.

And somewhere in the midst of getting you shit together, your houses in order, and seeking self-improvement for its own sake, you thus in effect become more compelling as a potential mate and lover to the sort of person who could feel as “fuck yes, all in, and fully committed” to you as you could of them. To me, this is what a soulmate is.

You may wholeheartedly believe in having a defintive individual who exclusively belongs to you, and you to them, while others deny it out right logically – just mathematically speaking. I’m personally more partial to the idea that you have the potential to have and to love more than one person as a soulmate, and that it just works out differently in different parts of the multiverse (hypothetical or otherwise) because of time, place, and circumstance.

And thus, I believe it’s best not to view the concept of soulmate in a singular manner and that you are most likely to manifest one by casting a wider net as if you have the capacity to feel “fuck yes, all in, and fully committed” for more than one person – which you do.