Hidden Gems and Unsung Heroes from The Golden Age of Television

I’m sure there are any number of brilliant, obscure programs that I have never see or heard of to this point, but of those I have – these are among the criminally underappreciated or unknown programs in this long from visual story telling that haven’t yet gotten their proper due.

All of these shows above are challenging and cerebral, and feature iconic performances, characters, stories, and themes that stand out. These shows truly went for it, way out there and fully committed to showing guts, being provocative, strange, sensitive, satirical, and metaphysical – and posing questions that mind fuck you into challenging your own world view and reexamining all of the presuppositions and perceptions inside your reality tunnel. And just to mindfuck you in general, for its own sake, as we all need our snowglobes shaken up occasionally if not frequently.