Tool Traffic: Turn Right, Spiral Out and Keep Going

Facebook reminded me of these special memories today: Despite selling out tickets in 3 minutes after being put on sale, my buddy managed to score tickets Tool and Primus in the Queen City five years ago to thr day. It was my third chance to see them live, having seen them previously in 2012 and 2002 following the release of Lateralus – all of them equally sacred and special to me.

We won’t have fully recovered on the other side of this thing until mass gatherings in the name of live music have begun to carry on as usual. You don’t know you’re in water when you’re a fish or what you don’t have until you’re flopping on land.

To that end, it occurs to me with the gift of hindsight that the normalcy of live music unencumbered by red tape is truly one of the hallmarks of prosperity, freedom, and the collective autonomy of individuals in a civilized society.

If the virus passes but the tryrannical oversight of big federal bureaucracy becomes furniture, and the bug becomes a feature, as it always does, then we will still be unwell.

#thisiswater #spiraloutkeepgoing