The DJ Shadow Effect on White Pony and Ok Computer


“Digital Bath”

(DJ Shadow Black Stallion Remix from the White Pony 2oth Anniversary Reissue)

The genre defying sphere of influence of DJ Shadow in the wake of his 1996 LP Entroduction, is as understated it astonishing, with its tentacles tapping into some of the most celebrated albums in the history of alternative/rock music in both sides of the pond.

DJ Shadow was the first name attached when Chino Moreno began developing the concept of including electronic based remixes for the songs on White Pony in celebration of it’s 2oth anniversary.

“When we were making the ‘White Pony‘ record at that time we were really influenced by a lot of… I think even listening to that record now, it’s very [much] a drum-forward album and I think it’s because we were sort of influenced by a lot of breakbeat kind of DJ style sort of music in general. Obviously DJ Shadow, he’s a part of it, and he was a big influence on that record.”

– Chino Moreno



It’s a tough call but this has always been my personal favorite Radiohead tune. As the Intro track to OK Computer, it spells everything out up front about where the band is heading on this record and beyond.

(The album cut of this song is masterful but the live cut form the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1997 is ? )

Their symphony of guitars was still a force to be reckend with, and the era of ambiance was just coming into view. Airbag floats between visceral and ethereal, while consistently cerebral. It truly epitomized this beautiful cross section of an amazing rock band who was in the first stage of a mutation, on the brink of becoming something entirely new and experimental.

“Airbag’ was an attempt to do something like DJ Shadow—but because we haven’t paid the dues, if you like, to play those types of music, we fail to get what we hope to achieve. But by going down that route, we find our own thing.”to “Airbag,” which was recorded, sampled with an Akai S3000 sampler and then laboriously edited and manipulated over two days on the band’s Macintosh.” Ed O’Brien

Endtroducing….. was a big influence on OK ComputerWe liked how he was cutting up beats quite minutely.“ You can hear this influence on the beat-heavy "Airbag,” which samples and splices up a recording of Phil Selway’s drumming.“ – Johnny Greenwood