Oasis – Songbird (Official Video)

Courtney Love recently posted a photo of herself and Liam Gallagher getting boozy in London in the early 2000’s – and she described how he played this song for her in the wee hours of the morning.

They were several albums in before Liam began contributing as a songwriter, but this tune stands as one of several absolute gems Liam penned in the back nine of their catalogue along with: I’m Outta Time, Guess God Thinks I’m Abel, Little James, & Born on a Different Cloud.

“At some point, sunrise almost with everyone else gone ( that gross almost sun rise feel! You all know it!) he grabs a guitar and after I play “hold onto me” which I was extremely proud of , my first love song,” she wrote. “He goes next and plays the most sublime “songbird” . I kept thinking . Liams the talent ! It’s not Noel! ( unfair I’m sure . It’s them both )…

…Months later “songbird “ which I’d told all that would listen was a work of such sublime game changing beauty , George Harrison aspect included , was released . but when it was recorded a minor tempo change had ruined ( for me) the alchemical magic of “songbird” still a lovely song but that sunrise cokey come down London morning it was … THE BEST SONG EVER.”