I typically abstain from engaging in or with contemporary politics here but this is a teaching moment for every American on how our government works, it doesn’t, but you don’t need to understand the minutiae or mechanics of it to see that the standard model doesn’t allow for a simple yes or no process to deal swiftly with a single pressing issue.

These paramount issues are hastily swept and sandwiched inside of bloated bills used to trojan horse pet projects, classified endeavors, defense funding, miscellaneous/irrelevant/beaurcaratic measures coded in esoteric language.

(Benevolently worded organizations, “Don’t Kick Puppies”, and seemingly agreeable political platforms trojan horse this way as well – see the fine print of the Geen New Deal)

You will hear people defend Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell and senior leaders on both sides for their experience and expertise on “how the system works”.

But I say to you these political adepts are the plague of both houses, the best evidence for the necessity of term limits, and just cause for the immediate obliteration of said system.

These career vampires are the parasitic gatekeepers of our broken Republic.