The Beatles – “Paperback Writer”

Contrary to popular belief, “Video Killed The Radio Star” was not the first music video and the medium long preceded the 80’s before the advent of MTV.

“On the 20th of May 1966, the Beatles filmed videos for "Paperback Write” and “Rain”, the two sides of their latest single. These were not television studio performance pieces recorded to videotape; instead, the footage was filmed on location at Chiswick House, on 35mm colour film, what still looks like high definition on 1080p on YouTube today. These were filmed principally for Top Of The Pops, which broadcast them in successive weeks in June, but they were circulated to television stations worldwide. And the Beatles were not the first to do this.Motown made a promotional film for ‘Nowhere To Run’ by Martha And The Vandellas in 1965 that features the vocal group wandering around Detroit’s Ford factory.“  

The Beatles – "Rain”

You often hear people argue about which B-sides should have been A-sides, perhaps most frequently and passionately for “I am the Walrus” over “Hello, Goodbye”. I love both tracks equally, and would argue that “Paperback Writer/Rain” should have a been released AA single and personally feel that “Rain” belongs in the company of their most underrated tracks from their golden era between Rubber Soul and Revolution.