The Law You Wont Be Told:

Jury Nullification

“Did you know that juries have the right to nullify the Law? Very few people know that. Actually that was what the Magna Carta was all about, the barrons did not drag King John to runny meat, and starvation rations, and hold him prisoner, and forced him to sign that document just so that juries could ratify what the government has decided to do.

The whole idea of Magna Carta was that juries could make up their own mind what laws they were willing to have imposed upon the English population, and this is been upheld repeatedly as in the trial of William Penn in 1690. William Penn was technically guilty of speaking in public, that was the law at that time if you had unpopular religious opinions – you couldn’t speak in public.ttthe jury refused to convict him, and the judge ordered the jury locked up until they would convinct him. The jury kept being brought back to court every day from the Tower of London and said we still find the defendant innocent until it became the biggest controversy in London and finally the judge admitted that you already did have that right.

The United States Supreme Court upheld that right so in the 1890s in a celebrated case where they ruled that the jury has the right to nullify the Law – the purpose of the jury system is that twelve people selected at random can speak for the whole Community about what laws they want imposed on them. The Supreme Court also ruled that the judge doesn’t have to tell that law to the jury.

Do you know what judge is? A judge is a law student who marks his own examination papers, just like The Pope is a theology student who makes his own examintion papers. The Pope was declared Infallible by the Council of Cardinals. But there’s not one Catholic in a million who can tell you when the Council of Cardinals became infallible.

If the Council of Cardinals is not infallible, then they might have been wrong when they said the Pope is infallible. But to prove The Pope is infallible, you’ve got to prove the Council of Cardinals is infallible. To prove the Council of Cardinals is infallible you’ve got to prove the people, who select the people who get on the Council of cardinals, are infallible. You turn into infinite regress that way.

It’s that’s the same thing with the judges, infallible human beings have not been found yet and you have the right to your own conscience. If you ever called up for jury duty, you can decide for yourself – you don’t have to follow the judge’s instructions.

Just remember if you’re on a jury and somebody is charged with possession of some consciousness altering substance, if you’re in favor of people changing their consciousness, you don’t have to believe it when the judge says, "you must find him guilty” – You can judge by your own conscience.“

– Robert Anton Wilson