Favorite Remixes:

The Verve & Jay Z

“Bittersweet Brush Your Shoulders Off”

I’m not sure what he’s been doing for the past decade, but I typically loved every beat Timbaland was behind between the mid 90’s into the 2000’s, yet I was never particularly fond of the beat for “Brush Your Shoulders Off” and subsequently it was the only song on The Black Albun I could take or leave.

And although I’m sure a lot of people out there thought the beat was dope as fuck, in general, the importance of beat selection can never be understated.

And from time to time, there comes a remix that combines unlikely bedfellows together, in a way that makes you see the song in a whole new light. I would have never paired this matchup together, even though I’m particularly fond of both of artists. Jay is my favorite rapper of all time and I’ve become a huge advocate for Verve – constantly reminding my fellow Americans of how shameful it is for their catalogue to be as slept on as it is here in the states – Richard Ashcroft is certainly one of the best and most underrated songwriters and vocalists of the 90’s and is still making high quality tunes as a solo artist.

I digress. “Bittersweet Symphony” and Hov’s “Brush Your Shoulders Off” doesn’t make sense on paper and they shouldn’t mesh this well – but goddamnit they di. Shit is fookin brilliant mon!