Cross-cultural studies have repeatedly found that small minority populations of dangerous individuals who are repeat offenders, are disproportionately responsible for large pluralities-majority of all violent crime in a given population.

Most people aren’t in that handful of monsters wreaking havoc across the land. Everyone is complicated, some are damaged, but most people are decent. They aren’t out hunting, but rather they’re apprehensive about being preyed upon. Fighting their own demons, maybe, but mostly just trying to get by – like you.

So if your team or political cult, as it were, wins today – don’t be a bloody cunt about it. Both of your teams are fucking garbage, but the vast majority of people on the other team are not the dispicabe lot you have cast them out as.

Try to see, in any event, the civil unrest on the horizon we are nose diving, throttle wide open, into if we don’t find some semblance of common humanity in one another. Try to better understand, be the bigger person if you must with, those who you have the least in common with.