Big Wreck

“Blown Wide Open

(Live @ The Suhr Factory Party 2015)

There was so much amazing music in the 90’s, an era that marked the pinnacle of of versatility for indie and alternative rock music. And for every great band who blew up at the right time and left a lasting legacy in their wake is another that just missed their moment – Big Wreck is one of those bands from that era that should have been but never quite was for whatever reason.

As far as individuals who serve and excel as a primary composer, lyricist, vocalist, and featured instrumentalist/lead guitarist – Ian Thorley is and was a force to be reckoned with as is made clear in the video above. He would later go on to having some moderate success with Alter Bridge, but I’ve always found this track and the music from Big Wreck’s first album “In Loving Memory Of…” to be his best work – and one of the more underrated, unacknowledged gems from the late 90’s.