From the Facebook Page:

#101ways to make everybody’s day #weirder

56. Glue a coin onto a hard floor in an area that has a lot of traffic. Glue a koan, mondo or “one line meme bomb” next to the coin. “You are now breathing manually.” is a good one to use.

57. Tell people you are a Qanon/Scientologist/SubGenius triple-agent. When people get curious and ask you questions about it, look really uncomfortable and say, “uh… I’m really not supposed to talk about it…” and shoot worried looks over your shoulder.

58. Encourage people to substitute song lyrics for food stuffs and sing it. For example “I know, it’s only rock’n’roll, but I like it” becomes “I know, it’s only sausage rolls, but I like it”. This is a surprisingly addictive activity, and people give you the oddest looks for it.

59. Buy some celery, preferably with a very long stalk, and put it under your coat or in your backpack such that it looks as if it’s growing out of you. Or if it’s in your coat you could pretend you’re trying to make sure no one sees it.

60. Complement every person you talk to. Try to be genuine, but if you can’t think of anything, dada works well: “The infinite radiance is manifesting through you quite brilliantly today. Oh, and I like your shoes.”