“People would by and large act a hell of a lot more sanely, especially if when they got rid of “is” they put “maybe” in more sentences. I think if everybody used "maybe” more often – there would be an increase in general sanity.

You’ll find that by dispensing with “is,” and trying to reformulate without “is,” you just naturally fall into the kind of expression which is considered acceptable in modern science, and also it’s the type of consciousness that Zen Buddhism tries to exude. Using E-prime you will understand modern science and Zen Buddhism both a lot better than you’ve ever understood them before. Instead of thinking the grass "is” green, I think the grass "appears green to me.”

And it saves me a lot of time by the way; I don’t get embroiled in arguments like Beethoven is better than Mozart, or rock is better than soul. I define such things as meaningless and so people get into arguments like that and I just say, well, Beethoven seems better to me than Mozart most of the time, but I don’t say Beethoven “is” better than Mozart…

…You just listen to the craziest people, on the news and on television, and the craziest columnists in the newspapers, they never say maybe, they’re always quite sure, and they never say seems, they always say ‘is’.”

– The St. Paul of. Discordianism, RobertAntonWilson