“Until It Sleeps”


The dialouge between fans on reddit threads and various Metallica members in interviews as for what can be said on the lack of low lend on And Justice For All is ongoing and long-running.

Ultimately, everyone hates it for Jason. It’s a shame, it’s shitty all the way around – and depending on who you ask, for many, it happened on the last great Metallica album. But for me, as someone who is unencumbered by Metal puritanism, there were a number of things I appreciated about what came about in the 90’s – and yes, even Load.

The Black Album marked the beginning of Jason Newsted finally being recognized as a made guy in the band, but to my mind some of his best work started to came a few years later on Load via “Until It Sleeps”, “Hero of The Day”, “King Nothing”, and “The Outlaw Torn”.