I saw this argument made in this an entertaining Facebook group called, “This is a Weird Hill to Die on”

As such, it reminded me of a similar, but stranger variation of something I used to speculate on when I was raising chickens:

Most chickens are fairly willful to an extent, and a flash of spirit is required of a defenseless being, incapable of evasion through flight – although many people would be surprised of the extent to which some chickens are capable of flying for short, brief intervals.

To that end, once you are dealing with 10 or more of them, there will always be at least one or two “problem chickens” who were simply put, “on some other shit” as the rapper’s say – or as it is in known within Marine Corps vernacular, “OFP” (own fucking program).

There were just always one or two that were always doing whatever it is that you didn’t want them to do, at all times, and as annoyed as I was with them at the time – I simultaneously found their willfulness quite endearing.

They were either flying over gates, into the vegetable patches, getting onto trees and not coming down – they were rouge fucking waves, clucking about.

That said, to put a bow on it, I used to wonder: What it would be like, what kind of force to be reckoned with would their descendants surley become if you were to breed those anarchist chickens?