She’s perfect. Her track record doesn’t go back quite as far, but like Joe she’s strangely admired on the left for someone who has so consistently been on the wrong side of history.

What else would you expect of our criminal justice system (and its private prisons, mass incarceration, cyclical poverty, fatherless children, erosion of mental health services, and contributions to inequality); when our local, state, and federal governments are overrepresented, rather infested, by ruthless, ladder-climbing politicians pumped out of the prosecutor pipeline?

This ticket is not the underdog, it’s the epitome of the mainline, crony, neoliberal establishment that true liberals despise.

In a year when the conversation about systematic inequality and the large-scale revisions needed are at the center of discussion; no one who is being honest with themselves and is educated on their backgrounds can look at these two individuals and not attribute them to being the prototypical individuals whose careers have existed within the heart of that very system in needed of changing – whose actions have had a direct, and detrimental influence, on what is said to be and is broken.