I was embarrassed by the way some of my friends reacted to the election…I had to mute half the people I follow. I am as liberal as they come, but as a comedian I was like, This is revolting. It’s comedy for the sake of verifying someone’s opinion as opposed to making them laugh, and I thought: This is an opportunity.

Sarah Silverman is a comedian who for a long time was associated with a persona, but over time shed it. You see that a lot. Persona comedians slowly evolving out of it. On the other hand, you have Dice. You used to describe your persona as “the devil.” Can the devil evolve? What’s different about it now?

I just think the devil’s gotten older. When people get upset about political correctness in comedy, they’re like, “I’m being the devil’s advocate. I’m starting a conversation.” I hate that. I’m not the devil’s advocate; I am the devil. I’m not trying to start a conversation; I’m ending it.

Everyone else who is bitching about it is just bitching. Why complain about this? Either do your job and make them laugh, or shut the fuck up. I can’t stand this, like, “PC’s ruining comedy.” Get your shit together. Go put on a show. Fuck all of you.

Some of your recent jokes are longer stories that feel true, in which your persona tries and fails to do the right thing. What does that suggest about where you’re at right now?

I like the idea of being the bad guy who becomes the hero. In the first season of Deadwood, Al Swearengen is the villain. In the second season, people come along who are worse than him, he has to fight them, and he becomes the hero. I like the idea of being an Al Swearengen, like, This motherfucker has cut some throats, but he’s on our side. So as I get older and wiser, I like the idea of becoming a good guy — but the good guy that nobody wants to be in the same room with.