This popped up in my fb “memories” from 2015, a few thoughts:

The narcism of small differences can still be invoked here but I have a slightly different take five years on:

The well-established Corporation is a machine, a modern-day gollum, rogue tulpa with a runaway mechanism whose survival and purpose is no longer dependent on its creator(s).

It only needs temporary operators, and there will always be swarms of sell swords, unencumbered by guilt or shame or conscientious objections, to takeover the reins of a mechanized cash cow.

These sell swords, and hired hands, are the same sorts of people who become politicians, and the political party is just another manifestation of such a machine. Every bit as powerful, if not more, and no less predisposed to corruption.

If you think your political party is more virtuous and is occupied by “the good guys” in a way that profoundly transcends just being “the lesser of two evils”, as you see it – you’re a fucking idiot. And that’s true, bleed red or vote blue, no matter who.