Eric Weinstein’s Harvard Story: The System Breaks Down in Novel Situations

I came to understand that at the very top, there’s a second system, that’s about closed meetings and private communications, and agreements about citations and publication that the rest of us don’t understand; and that, in a large measure, that is the thing that I won’t submit to. So when you ask me, “Why wouldn’t you feel good about talking to, responding to your critics?”. My answer is, “oh, you don’t know”…

…If you stay in a nice hotel, you don’t realize that there’s a second structure inside of that hotel. There’s usually a workers cafe in a resort complex that isn’t available to the people who are staying in the hotel, and then there’s private hallways inside the same hotel that are a parallel structure.

So that’s what I found out, which was in essence, just the same way you can stay in hotels your whole life and not realize that inside of every hotel is a second structure that you’re not supposed to see as the guest; there is a second structure in Academics that behaves totally differently with respect to how people get dinged, how people get their grants taken away, how this person comes to have that thing named after them.

And by pretending they are not running a parallel structure, I have no patience for that one anymore. So I got a chance to see how the game, how hard ball, is really played at Harvard and I’m now eager to play hardball back with the same people who played hardball with me.