A couple nonexistent Opt-outs that I find most nonsensical and/or infuriating.

1) “People You May Know” feature is not optional on FB. FML and fuck whoever has a role in that decision. What sort of monstera have had ant say in the decisions that led to FB to ntot allow its users to choose whether or not they are being exposed beyond their wishes. What in the literal fuck is wrong with those people behind this non choice. Fuck them. The lot of them.

2)The fact that you are not permitted to disable the various stages of low battery notifications on the standard is used by most androids is grossly obnoxious. I always felt like that last vibration after your phone die is this most subtle, evil fuck you. Like motherfuker I could have used that energy being used up telling me what I already know most of the time. It’s so fucked when my phone is about to dje but then uses battery life to notify me that my battery is almost dead, and it’s not an option as a notification. Just some Petty Shit that gets under my skin, and now I feel better just to bitch about it….

Who the fuck is in charge around here? These mfs need an ass whooping for shit like that.