No number could possibly be more arbitrary than the one showing how many people are infected.

Whether or not, this scale of lockdown will remain warranted comes down to the numbers showing us: how many people are critically ill and/or have died as a direct result.

If we’re still locked down by June 1st (6 months of data), keep these stats we never knew or gave a fuck about before in mind.

CDC’s Annual Stats 2017-18 (which may or may not be exaggerated yearly/prone to correlation and causation errors):

45 million cases (also arbitrary) of the flu in the States, resulting in an estimated –

*810,000 flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated (more helpful)

**61,000 flu-associated deaths (bingo)

(worldwide estimates range widely in the in the hundreds of thousands)

Every other person might have COVID-19 by now, and it doesn’t matter one way or the other, unless or until young and otherwise healthy people begin keeling over in droves – then and only then should we begin to worry about the numbers of infected.

Stay focused my friends – how many people are critically ill and dying? Those are the only numbers worth discussing.

The shelf life for “better safe than sorry” ends June 1st – end the lockdown or show me bodies in numbers.

And at that point, when this is behind us, I don’t want to hear another fucking word about controlling mass gatherings, festivals, groups of people harmlessly minding their own fucking business, or any additional/permanent/unnecessary regulations on public spaces and private businesses, on private property or residences; curfews, or any other post-911ish, PatriotAct-esque, invasive, residual, intolerable, authoritarian non-sense lingering on beyond its useful/as needed sell by date – but our civil liberties will continue to erode if we allow any added restrictions made for this specific situation to hold in place and become Canon without questions after this is over as one might, and should, expect to occur.