Alan Moore: Northampton Tales

Made for Channel 4 and commissioned by Sara Woodford at Id World, this film was first broadcast as ‘Comic Tales with Alan Moore’ on the 10th of December 2000, and broadcast again on the 22nd of October 2002. It was described by The Guardian as, “A magical and intelligent rant.” As with ‘Don’t Let Me Die In Black And White’ there was no script and there were no second takes. The film was edited by Peter Cartwright, who had previously worked as an editor on a number of Derek Jarman’s films. Thanks Alan, Sara and Peter – it was a genuine pleasure and a privilege to work with you all.

“There’s something to do with the territory of writing itself. The way that anybody who has been writing for a given length of time will probably have anecdotes to tell you, strange little coincidinces, things that they wrote and then something similar very happened to them: perhaps a day, perhaps a month, perhaps ten years later. There are these odd little incidents that tend to build up and that you tend to shove in a filing drawer just marked – "weird stuff”. And eventually, as with myself, you might reach a point where you perhaps decide that the stuff in drawer marked “weird stuff” is the only important stuff; and if you wish to progress as a writer beyond mere technique then you might be advised to start looking at some of those things.“