Johnny Marr & Noel Gallagher:

“How Soon is Now?(02 Brixton, 23.10.14)

Through a mutual connection in Manchester, Johnny Marr (The Smith’s, Modest Mouse, The The) became acquainted with the Gallaghers and co. back when they were dirt poor, well before they blew up. And at one point, he told Noel after an Oasis gig that he needed a new guitar as he was spending too much time fiddling with the one he had – constantly trying to keep it in tune. Noel replied, "I’ve got like 12 quid”. And as such, to put a bow on it, like some sort of a modern day John Dee & Sir Francis Bacon, passing-of-the torch-moment: Johnny Marr would end up lending Noel Gallagher a sunburst 1960s Gibson Les Paul formerly owned by The Who’s Pete Townshend. And it was with that guitar, that Noel would go on to write “Live Forever” (it can be seen in the video) and much of the material that ended up on Definitely Maybe.

…You and I are gonna Live Forever…