Aladdin Sane: David Bowie’s Dark Reflection of Ziggy Stardust

Who was David Bowie? All through his six decade career, he evaded being held down by one style or look. He was always on the lookout for the next thing that might satisfy his creative juices. Whether it be the rock n’ roll energy of Merseybeat, the glittering stomp of glam rock (on “Ziggy Stardust”), the cold futurism of Krautrock (on “"Heroes”“) or the recycled Bowie-isms of the New Romantics (on "Ashes to Ashes”). Beyond anything else, David Bowie was a storyteller, one well versed in character and feeling. Whether emphasising with a girl taking solace in cinema (on “Life on Mars?”), a lonely astronaut (on “Space Oddity”) or a rock star come to save the world (on “Starman”), these characters feel real because of the way Bowie sang them into existence. So today I’ll be taking a leaf out of Bowie’s book, and telling one of his tales. The story of “The Jean Genie”, “Time” and Aladdin Sane.