The Beach Boys:

“God Only Knows”


It took me a long time to appreciate this one and Brian Wilson as a songwriter/composer in general. The Beatles are at the top my list of b-sides (“I am the Walrus”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “A Day in the Life”, and “Julia”), but beyond that this is easily my favorite. The friendly and healthy rivalry and respect between Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney, fueled some of the best work in their respective band’s catalogues. Rubber Soul gave way to Pet Sounds gave way Sgt. Pepper’s.

Rubber Soul blew my mind,“ Brian Wilson once said. "When I heard Rubber Soul, I said, ‘That’s it. That’s all. That’s all folks.’ I said, ‘I’m going to make an album that’s really good, I mean really challenge me.’ I mean, I love that f*cking album, I cherish that album. Producer George Martin said of Pet Sounds "Without Pet Sounds, Sgt. Pepper never would have happened … Pepper was an attempt to equal Pet Sounds.”

Paul McCartney said of thos track, “The one thing that did stand out [from making ‘Pet Sounds’] – ‘God Only Knows,’ in my opinion, was one of the best things we ever attempted and completed,” said Jardine. He continued, “And [it] stands as one of the best songs ever written, in my opinion. I think I’m in good company with that assumption.”