Tuco Amalfi, Connection (2003)

* * *

The Initiate, part IV

“Verily, I am the one who dwells in the Light.
(Yes), I am a Soul that came into being
Born from the body of the god!
I am one of these gods and one of these souls
That dwell in the Light …
(Yes), I am a falcon that dwells in the Light,
That finds its power through its (own) light
And through its (own) radiance!
To the far ends of Heaven I travel back and forth,
And there is no one to oppose me …
(O Osiris!) Lord of Manifestations,
Great and majestic,
Here I have come!
And the Hereafter for me has opened up;
The paths in Heaven, (the paths) on Earth,
For me have been opened,
And there is no one to oppose me!”

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