Buddhist, Taoist Temples Destroyed Secretly at Night

Authorities across China are demolishing places of worship at odd hours to avoid protests from believers, who are left with no chance to voice their grievances.

“Religious Affairs Bureau” I had to read that twice. It reminds me of how sacred, and taken for granted, it is to have the freedom to worship as you choose.

This is state sponsored persecution, and of course historically religious persecution is always carried out by some other religion. Communism, of course, is a religion. A terrible, tyrannical one.

What’s a going on there betweeen this and this destruction of churches, temples, and mosques as well, and the millions of Muslims in forced labor internment camps, underscores the other half of religious freedom that is just as important:

True Relgious Freedom is equal parts Freedom of Religion and Freedom from Religion. There’s a fine line between fundamentalism and fanaticism, and it’s crossed the second you begin imposing your dogma in the public domain.

“The government claimed that the temple was “unlicensed” and “occupied arable land.” According to village residents, on the day of the demolition, officials expelled all nuns and lay Buddhists from the temple. In an attempt to save their place of worship, believers got on their knees and pleaded with government officials for leniency. “This is a national policy,” one of the officials said arrogantly. “The temple must be demolished! It’s futile for anyone to try stopping it.”

"A local believer told Bitter Winter that when the temple was built in 2013, its owner signed a land- use contract with the village committee. Despite this, the temple was ordered to be destroyed because it “did not register with the Religious Affairs Bureau.”