I’ve never told anybody this before, and never had a reason to disclose it, mostly because I never thought it to be particularly noteworthy. But when I was a kid, as soon as I was old enough to both know 1) the alphabet and 2) was aware of the distinction between boys and girls – I had what I assumed was a mildly peculiar interpretation of the alphabet that distinguished individual letters as being either masculine or feminine.

There was no rhyme nor reason, or any conscious effort on my part in denoting which were masculine and which were feminine. They just were what they were, and it was just seemingly obvious, implicit, and indisputable to me. And in a way, this hasn’t changed with the exception of 2 or 3 letters – which I either can’t quite recall what their designation was or they appear more ambiguous (J, O, Z) to me now than they did as a child. It wasn’t an every other letter sort of thing, A was femine, B-G were masculine, HIJK were feminine, L masculine, on and on, etc.

I’ve always assumed this was just a silly way my mind was making sense of things I was learning at the same time – the alphabet and the distinction between boys and girls. Nothing more. And maybe that is the case. But on my lunch break, I was reading about forms of synesthesia, and what is completely bewildering to me is that apparently this is something other people experience as well – some of them far more elaborate than my own.