I won’t knock you for the way you feel,

the thoughts you think,

better yet the thoughts you observe,

Those thoughts are not mine, no

Oh but I know,

You can’t help but to think,

And you can’t help what you think,

So save your guilt, don’t hold it against yourself, or anyone else

For all we all know,

Half of our thoughts aren’t even our own,

To whom, if anyone, do they belong?

This is unknown.

Thoughts just come and go, and stroll along…

And you choose which ones, you want to take ownership of

Thd thoughts you speak to, feelings you act upon

In the split second between the stimulus

And the response,

That’s the place where battles are fought,

And lost and won,


Entire bloodlines,

You can fuck up everything,

In a split second,

It only takes one,

How you feel, what you think, whatever it was you think you thought,

And such –

Usually doesn’t mean much

What matters is what you choose to do:

Do you, can you, let thoughts pass through?

Acknowledge then dismiss,

Let them vanish in the mist,

Or not and flesh them out, let them crystallize – actualize ideas to empower you

Or allow your lower urges to devour you?

Everyday feelings and thoughts,

In the end,

Most times, most of them don’t mean a whole lot.

But inside the split seconds,

Is where you’re on the clock

Entire lifetimes become sidelined,


Lost and won,

Entire bloodlines,

Either Live On,

Or Become

Dead and Gone,

Entire lifetimes,

Kink off from the pipeline,

Ghost towns that could have been Cities with Skylines,

A Multiverse of could have beens, Alternatees timelines

Oh the gravity of choice,

In the split seconds

In between the stimulus

And the response

Oh the brevity,

In the split seconds

In between the stimulus

And the response