I was fifteen when this album came out, and I never really knew what Hip-Hop was or what it could be before Aquemini. I still remember when a buddy put me on to “Rosa Parks” and “Skew It on the Bar-B” back to back in study hall – what the fuck was that?!? I went and bought the album that day.

“Well, it was more like spend the night
Three in the morning yawning, dancing under street lights
We chilling like a villain and a nigga feeling right
In the middle of the ghetto on the curb, but in spite
All of the bullshit we on our back staring at the stars above
Talking bout what we gonna be when we grow up
I said, “What you wanna be?” She said, “Alive”
It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes
I coulda died, time went on, I got grown
Rhyme got strong, mind got blown
I came back home, to find lil’ Sasha was gone
Her mamma said she with a nigga that be treating her wrong
I kept on singing my song and hoping at a show
That I would one day see her standing in the front row
But two weeks later she got found in the back of a school
With a needle in her arm, baby two months due
Sasha Thumper”

“Baby, did you hear that?” “Yeah, baby, I heard it too”
Look out the window, golly, the sky is electric blue
Mama Earth is dying and crying because of you
Raining cats and jackals, all shackles disintegrate to residue
Silly mortals haven’t a clue as to what the funk is going on
I’m on the telephone dialing the Dungeon (“Hello?”)
This Dre, bring the MP and the SP
Meet me at the center of the Earth and travel carefully
Baby, grab the baby, cause baby, it ain’t much time
Mama Earth is tossing and turning and that’s a sign
Omega nigga I.F.O.s are landing in Decatur
Hope I’m not over your head, but if so you will catch on later
Played the track, guess she could not take it anymo’
Raping her heavenly body like a ho, coochie so’
From niggas constantly fucking her, never loving her
Never showing appreciation, busting nuts in her face when they done

Who says good folks ain’t supposed to die?“

– Andre 3000

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