I recently stumbled across RBCC ‘Rocket’s Blast Comicollector’ a comic review & marketplace magazine / fanzine. Frankly I’m not sure it that describe’s it correctly. But it’s wonderful. It lasted incredibly from 1961 until the 1980s.

They did a Star wars special for their October 1977 edition and it features some superb art and articles.

From the top:

  1. Front cover art by Ralph Fowler
  2. Back cover art by Morris Scott Dollens
  3. Art by Matt Fertig
  4. Art by Ralph Fowler (Blockade Runner chased by Star Destroyer)
  5. Art by Ralph Fowler (Death Star trench and X Wings)
  6. Art by Matt Fertig
  7. Art by Steven Fabian
  8. Art by John Adkins Richardson (Death Star, X Wing, Darth Vader and Tatooine with weird Obi Wan face)
  9. Art by Steven Fabian
  10. Art by Jim Kuzee