Notre-Dame: Hallmarks on Fire

It’s hard not see a bit of symbolism in the fire yesterday. The Church is not only symbolic of the Christian world but a monument, one of the masterpieces, synonymous with the rise of Western civilization. These days it’s a popular trope of many to merely demonize the entire legacy of the west. It would be a shame for us to overlook what the west did well, what it did beet – the values of the individual and the human potential. Notre-Dame represents this all too well. There’s a downfall in ego and selfishness, and self-centerednes of course. And yet it’s also true that people in groups are almost always more beligerent and destructive. In the States, we’ve gotten carried with our tribes, and our echo chambers, and the idea that are values are only as good or bad as the intersectional identity we fall under – something none of had any choice in. The West put faith in the potential of the individual and their freedom of speech, expression, and religion (and the freedom from religion); the belief in democracy and the open exchange of ideas. The West as a whole is fractured and unstable as it has been since the second World War, we’ve forgotten our vows to remain the cooperative allies who were united in our shared values and our shared determinism. So this just a little non-denominational prayer for the West, so as we remained more unified in our shared values and that we never slose sight if what those values are.

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