The looming implications of automation are staggering, and everyone will be affected regardless of whether or not not your job is on the cutting block. To that end, a Universal Basic Income has entered into common conversations in the way of a remedy to this inevitability. But even assuming we could make it work out economically, a guaranteed income doesn’t guarantee ‘purpose’. A UBI does not account for a reason for people to get out of bed in the morning.

I can’t speak for the female experience, but I can say ths much with confidence: Nothing constructive will come out of millions of males sitting around withing nothing to do. Men and boys need to be engaged in industrious activities – the sorts that leave them with an assurance of puropse and that they are able to provide for themselves and/or others in a meaningful way. Nothing is more destructive to our society than young men without purpose or those who feel they’re on the verge of becoming disposable.