William S. Burroughs on L. Ron Hubbard and “The Big Lie

“I would like to say something about the techniques of “The Big Lie”. L. Ron Hubbard was a master of The Big Lie. He had all these rules…

• Always accuse others of doing what you are doing yourself…

…Now here’s some techniques for cutting off other’s communication lines…

• Premature Acknowledgment

Acknowledge before the other person has come to a point.

Laugh before he finishes a joke

• Under Acknowledgement:

Like you just couldn’t have said anything so stupid and distasteful.

•Over Acknowledgement:

Like there’s nothing more to say on the subject.

• Pretend to not understand the most obvious considerations.

•At crucial moments, create interruptions and diversions.

• Pick out the most meticulous, neat, and fastidious person in the office and call him a slob.

…You see it’s not the truth that hurts, it’s the blatant lie…The Big Lie…

The person will start snorting and gasping with outrage, and this is precisely what you want to achieve…”

– From Uncle Bill’s lecture, “The Technology of Wishing”