Throughout most of human history individuals have devoted the largest part of their conscious concerns with 1) How many days, or weeks, do I have before I go a) hungry b) thirsty and c) and do I have a proper shelter and enough items to keep me safe/warm/cool? To that end, and coincidentally, the fact that people have the time on their hands to manufacture or devote time to a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” controversy, albeit void of its proper context, only indicates the degree to which they are profoundly privileged and lucky to be alive – life is pretty damn good.

The slow wave of progress doesn’t always make the news or get featured in a way a terror alert does, but considering the plight of everyone before us – we are all lucky to be alive right now. And not to suggest that our work is over, that no more progress is to be made, but good grief Charlie Brown – we have got to toughen up if we’re going to continue to survive.The snowflake justice warriors actively seeking to find this and that problematic, the problem attics, are crying wolf at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens here and abroad who desperately need the more ruthless and heartless individuals in our society to show more warmth, sensitivity, empathy, and compassion.

Specialization is for insects, humans need to wear many hats. We’re never going to survive unless we fulfill our human capacity to be both tough and sensitive, and subsequently develop both the presence of mind and the discrepancy needed to know when to be which.