Aries: You don’t have to put on a front to feel significant and powerful. Everyone already sees you as strong due to your resilience and your ambitious spirit. Embrace the beautiful disaster that you are.

Taurus: Your worth is not based on the things you own, the places you’ve been, and the people surrounding you. It is based on how you feel about yourself. Focus on self-love and you will feel complete.

Gemini: You must work towards channeling your restlessness and irritability into something worthwhile. You should take on reading, writing, teaching, getting into music or art, or using another form of communication to find comfort and relief from your unpredictable emotions and eccentric mind.

Cancer: You don’t have to hide your thoughts inside of your heart. The hoarding of your restless inner chatter is causing you to burst inside and out. You must pick up the pieces of your soul yourself.. You absolutely must cherish yourself. Then you will see just how much others care for you and are waiting to hear what you have to say.

Leo: Your pride is high, your expectations higher, but the weight of reality is often far too much for you to hold. Don’t you think it’s enough just being center stage? We are all cheering you on. Can’t you hear us?

Virgo: You spend so much time picking at every single flaw in yourself, that you don’t acknowledge that your flaws are what make you uniquely perfect. There is no one that can fully imitate the perfection that you are. Accept yourself.

Libra: You’re too busy searching for your worth through the recognition of other people that you don’t realize you are the only person that can complete you. You don’t need the approval of other to be beautiful or popular. You are naturally appealing, kind, and adaptable. Open your eyes.

Scorpio: You simply cannot control the dynamics of life through observation and obsession. You will eat yourself alive trying to solve problems that cannot be solved. Instead, learn to control yourself and your behavior, that way you will cease to attract chaos.

Sagittarius: You seek out answers and truths about everything in life but yourself. You fail to see your flaws and weaknesses by only observing the bigger picture. At times, you need to get off your high horse and reflect on yourself and your decisions. You’re honest about everything else. Be honest about yourself. That is true enlightenment. 

Capricorn: You only find purpose and value in yourself if you are working yourself to death. Your need to succeed and gain a notable reputation only increases your aches, depression, and cynicism. You need to learn the importance of relaxation and self-nurturing. Spend time to yourself to ease your mind and collect your thoughts. It’s okay to have some down time every now and then.

Aquarius: You may be unique with outstanding ideas but this does not make you superior to others. Maintain an open mind and a compassionate soul. Put yourself in the places of others to get a better perspective. You will see we all have our differences that make us individuals. Your quirkiness is a wonderful trait to have, but does not make you a God.

Pisces: You must stop fooling yourself into thinking that there is hope for certain people or certain situations. This will only cause you more pain and isolation should you continue to roam in your idealizations. Lean closely on your intuition for guidance and never let anyone take away your genuine heart.