It’s something we either take for granted or scarcely consider at all, the way both language and philosophy constructs our reality. A central dichotomy between western and eastern philosophy is seen in the use of either an abstract or concrete mode of langauge. In English, an abstract language, we approach time, specifically states of time, as a linear and chronological process – as if we’re passing through it. When discussing the past and the future we say things such as: “I’m going to put my best foot forward then put the past behind me , or in the rearview” or we recall experienced events through the lense of “hindsight”.But this is not at the standard model for many other cultures. In Hebrew, the word for yesterday is a derivative of a word meaning “in front”, and “tomorrow” corresponds to a root word meaning “behind”. Essentially they view the past and future from the perspective of the observer. The past is known to the observer and therefore visible and in front of them, but the future is conversely unknown and therefore behind them. The directions in Hebrew are also quite different whereas the words meaning: The Unknown Region, The Desert, The Region of the Rising Sun, The Mediterranean Region correspond with North, South, East, and West. Others cultures have more than four directions, often one of them representing a point denoting the central position or the current location when viewing our standard compass. In the Western World we have certainly been conditioned to review our perspective as some sort of standard model. We also heat more chatter around the failure of reletavism, often linking it to the failures of postmodernism. Most of said chatter is in the way of conflating moral relativism with cultural relativism. The ladder is not concerned with comparing “personal truths”, but is having to do with the manner in which ones beliefs, tradition, and practices should be interprets via one’s own culture as opposed to the criteria of another; and obviously vice versa. #art #artist #instaart #mixedmedia #sketch #painting #drawing #doodle #outsiderart #language #philosophy #hebrew #relativism #culturalrelativism #time #theobserver #infp