For all you strong women out there, I made this for you. As a masculine principle, the sword represents strength, courage, and the conquering element of existence. The common misconception is that masculine traits only pertain to the male gender. In actuality, all genders exhibit both masculine and feminine traits. I hope this necklace empowers you as a female and reminds you that you have the power to stand up and fight for the respect you deserve, to be resilient in the face of adversary, to have the courage to walk away from anyone who doesn’t see your worth, and to look within yourself when times are dark and realize that you are an infinite being with so much compassion to give. No one is more deserving of your love than you. Your emotions are what make you strong and heal the world. You are the giver of life itself, the ultimate creator and destroyer. You are powerful beyond measure.

Pendant finish: .925 Sterling Silver
Chain finish: .925 Sterling Silver
Length pictured: 16 inches + 2″ adjuster