As far as America is concerned, The Verve is one of the most underrated and unacknowledged bands of all time – Richard Ashcroft, as both a songwriter and as a vocalist l, is underappreciated at large…

“Fuck you !” 

 So begins Richard, greeting the folks of their hometown! 


 ” To play there was immense and we were playing really well at that point. We were on fire !“  – R.A. 

 ” There was a bit of tension already and then you´ve got your old schoolmates who are all like. ’ You´ve not talked to me for five years. You have changed’…“  – Si Jones

 ” It was quite stressful, playing a big hometown gig and having all your family and friends to look after. It felt celebratory.“  – Simon Tong

 ” It was that day we told everyone my wife was expecting our son” – Pete “ 

I stood on the stage and looked at the hills all around me. I could see Billinge Hospital in the distance, where I was born. it was really surreal… Things like Pooles Pies doing the pies backstage. We had Northern Soul DJs on… It was this amazing mixture of influences and stuff from the north, it was crazy on the day. Everyone wanted to be there.” 

– R.A. 

 ” Haigh Hall was definitely a milestone for us. It was both, a watershed, a celebration and a bit of a painful realization…“ – Nick 

 Thank you so much, guys! And congratulations for the 20th anniversary of that very Rock and Roll masterpiece! All rights to the original owner! 

 1. This Is Music 2. Space and Time 3. Catching the Butterfly 4. Sonnet 5. The Rolling People 6. Neon Wilderness 7. Weeping Willow 8. The Drugs Don’t Work 9. Lucky Man 10. Life’s an Ocean 11. Velvet Morning 12. Bitter Sweet Symphony 

 Encore 13. One Day 14. History 15. Come On