“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in alld disorder a secret order.”

– Carl Jung

After fifty years of Prohibition against the research on LSD, and other psychedelic substances, The Beckley Imperial Research Programme release of the first-ever images detailing the effects of LSD on the brain.

The quote by Carl Jung above is one that, among a long list of compelling ideas, that’s particularly struck me as profound – equally mystifying and intelligible. I began to reflect on that idea as I was reading a quote from one of the researchers involved in this process, who was describing the sort of anarchic departure from our Default Mode Network that LSD induces:

“That’s basically the neuro-scientific term for the ego mechanism, that keeps us in control of ourselves, centres our experience by filtering perceptions and keeping everything normal…diminishing the function of this system makes us more primal, like during babyhood when it’s more chaotic and there’s a greater likelihood of creativity, forming new associations and abandoning previously held assumptions. It has common features with meditation but also with psychosis. That is the fearful aspect and frightens people that psychedelics can shake the stability of sanity.”

The conceptualization of boundary disillusionment has long been understood via the experiential data of those who have been under the effects of LSD, myself included. To that end, yes, it is a chaotic to the structure of our everyday operations, although it is equally harmonious in the return to the singularity of mind. An intrinsic aspect to the experience the examination of everyday life, and an unveiling of the hierarchy of disorder existing within it.

Well Carl Jung may have not been specifically referring to an individual’s experience under the influence of psychedelics and entheogens. The influence those substances have on the brain, and the mind, are in congruence with his appreciation for the union of opposites. There is an activation and expoential increase in the communication between several parts of the brain, but specifically there is a reunion between the left and right sides of the brain.

The “Qubit” is a bit of quantun information, a system of measurement, that exists in a superposition between a binary oppositions such as the one between 0’s and 1’s. The ability for Quantum computing to operate is predicated on the function provided by cubits. LSD allows us to achieve a similar perspective that is not accesible in our everyday modes of operation.

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